Cape Cod girls they don't use combs, they brush their hair with codfish bones.

Salt Water Veins

Cape Cod girls they don't use combs, they brush their hair with codfish bones.



Eight beers in.
Eight beers in and three glasses of wine took over me.
I think it was the sound of your voice
It was only 9 o’clock but the liquor soon warmed my skin and lit my veins on fire.
I didn’t care.
Nine beers deep and there you were.
Across the room in a drunken state, you grabbed my hand.
Four glasses of wine.
You whispered boozy words into my ears that sent my heart racing.
I didn’t remember your name but I didn’t care.
I stopped caring nine beers in.
We all stumbled to the bar laughing pretending we could stay on the celebratory high for what we wished was an eternity.
Sweaty bodies crowded us from every angle and somehow your hand always found the small of my back in the way that made me feel safe even with you, a perfect stranger.

Ten beers in.
I think it was your eyes. They were so blue I had to think twice about the way the edges of your mouth would curve up and about the dimples you hated…but I liked them.
Ten beers in and two whiskey shots later your touch felt like electricity.
We just met.
But you wanted to know everything about me.
the way you looked at me.
It was the way you looked at me like I would break if you turned the wrong way.
We didn’t care ten beers later.
We just met.

Eleven beers and a staring contest later you pressed me up against the wall and oh God, you kissed me.
We didn’t care about anything but the feeling of our hands all over each other.
When you kissed me.
God when you kissed me it flipped my world upside down.
It felt like I had never been kissed before.
I think it was your touch.
The way your caressed my skin.
The way your eyelashes fluttered along my neck.
But god did you kiss me good.
Your hands so careful but firm holding me, I forgot how it felt.

I think it was the way you said goodbye.
How we knew we’d never see each other again.
You held onto me till I had to pry your hands off me.
17 beers will do that.
But you didn’t care.
Because for a small moment I was the only thing in your world
And god did that feel good.
When you kissed me goodbye, I knew it was goodbye.
But we smiled because we knew.
We knew we regretted nothing.
We were twenty something year olds and I still am craving your touch on my body.

I forgot how it felt to be desired.
I forgot how it felt to have someone whisper drunken words in your ears so embarrassing you blush.
I forgot how it felt to have someone kiss you like they meant it.
I forgot.
But with eleven beers
Four glasses of wine
And two shots

I remembered it all.
Your name.
Your face.
Your voice.
And oh god the feeling of your lips on my neck.
I remembered
I’ll never forget
and I didn’t care.


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